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March 03, 2009


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The US system is infinitely more complicated than the Canadian system! It has been a challenge when we are trying to compare numbers with the US (e.g., how comparable are our populations and therefore, our numbers?).

Jeremiah Dwyer

My guess would be 1) we are significantly less centralized than you guys, gov't-wise, and 2) we have 10x the population (that's just a guess). Therefore, way more confusion!


Extremely accurate guess! In our federal system, we have any adults who received a sentence of two years or more and the current number for the country is around 13,700. There are also provincial facilities, but things are more standardized and much smaller (both because our population is much smaller and because our incarceration rate is much smaller). However, visiting facilities in the federal system still requires a large amount of travel since we are so huge in terms of space!

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