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November 08, 2008


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Effilc Worrab

Do take a look at the blog today.
I thought the Wired review was fair and balanced and -most importantly from my point of view - positive.
However, I do take issue with his point that I blame D&D for ruining my youth or that I'm a trembling wreck today. I'm also not at all embarrassed about some of the silly things I did. I'd be more worried if I'd grown up without doing anything like that.
And when I say I wasted my youth, er, I thought that was what you're meant to do. God forbid a child should be dull enough to actually achieve something.
If my children ever look like achieving anything, I spark up Grand Theft Auto and point them towards the control pad.
Hope you enjoy the book if you get to read it.
Mark Barrowcliffe

Jeremiah Dwyer

Hey, nice to have a post from the author! I appreciate your comments, and as I said (thankfully! I always appreciate a disclaimer when it covers my...) I'll have to read the book in order to get a sense of where Harrison was coming from, versus your take. In any event, it definitely sounds like a great read, and I'll definitely write an updated post once I've read it.

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