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October 30, 2008


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Hi JD - do you think there's an "OCD" element in this kind of evil?

Jeremiah Dwyer

Hey Swivel,

I haven't come across that in the literature, and intuitively I doubt there'd be much correlation. Of course, psychopathy can be dually diagnosed with any other disorder, but a hallmark feature of psychopathy is a lack of physioclogical arousal in response to stressors. Now, OCD would be an internally driven stress, but I haven't seen any compulsive behavior as a result of anxiety. I think that if you see a certain orderliness on their part, it is probably more to do with their methodical nature, and their desire to extract as much pleasure as possible out of situations/crimes. There may also be an element of being the controller rather than the controlled, but I don't get the sense that it is anxiety-based.

Incidentially, the DSM-IV does not list OCD as an associated feature of Antisocial Personality Disorder. It notes Paranoid Personality Disorder as a more common associated feature.


Hi JD, I linked to this post and you are getting lots of hits, but the permalink is a dead end. You may want to do another Fritzl update.

One more thing on the OCD (and thanks for your response, sorry I haven't responded sooner) - I was wondering about stalkers having OCD, and a number of stalkers with OCD responded to my blog post saying that that was a problem for them.

I'll link again and hopefully catch up with your latest posts.

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